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week 49 | dinsdag 5 december 2023 02:19 uur | 2 bezoekers

Video werkt voor YPR

Young Professionals Rotterdam vroeg VideoWerkt om een reportage te maken van de tweede bijeenkomst. Deze kreeg als thema mee: I/You/We Make Rotterdam.

In November 2011 the public private partnership Rotterdam Central District, responsible for the marketing and promotion of this development area RCD, organized the kick-off for Young Professionals Rotterdam (YPR), the ambitious new inter company network in Rotterdam. The aim of YPR is to strengthen the network of young professionals and to stimulate them to make a difference in Rotterdam. We address the social structures and qualities of Rotterdam. What can / should we do in the coming 5 years to transform Rotterdam city centre into a internationally thriving place for young professionals to live or to work? For a city to be socially and economically vital, it must be attractive to young professionals to live and work in. Rotterdam is a great city, but its qualities are not often manifested. Not often enough. On 13th of february was the 2nd edition with more interaction, more creativity and more focus. YPR's were challenged to shape the nearby future of the city and make a change. WE MAKE ROTTERDAM.

interviews: Astrid Peters
camera: Nanko Goeting
edit: Arnaud Dijkhuis
production: VideoWerkt 
thanks to: Oscar de Grave



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