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week 16 | zondag 21 april 2024 20:47 uur | 4 bezoekers

Mijn Showreel uit 2005 : Zeer beknopt de leaders van video 2000 en antenne rotterdam met een persoonlijk tintje van uw art director...

Revolver Media Productions Showreel

Hush showreel

The New York based collective HUSH for the Benelux. Hush creates design, animation and interactive content for TV, music videos, events/installations and integrated campaigns. They have worked for clients worldwide such as Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, American Express, Nike en Honda. Their work is always diverse, extremely creative, and state of the art. They are masters in mixing animation and live-action images.

Jean-Julien Pous was born in Wuhan, China and spent his childhood and teens between Bordeaux, Hong Kong and Japan.

He graduated from Supinfocom Valenciennes then shortly afterwards he began to work for SFX companies on features, shorts, advertising and music videos. Jean-Julien created the short ‘Seeking You’ at the Vancouver Film School, a poetically ambiguous ode to sensuality, seduction and, ultimately, the cacophonous beauty of Hong Kong. The film has been screened and featured at festivals (including the International Film festival Rotterdam) and blogs worldwide and won the NPS New Arrivals Award in the Netherlands.

Jasper Faber

Director and photographer Jasper Faber received his education in the USA, and since then has been directing documentaries, commercials and video clips. Jasper likes to work with natural conditions, such as available light. His dynamic and photographic work often is handheld.

His style is sometimes raw, sometimes poetic, but always very real, vibrant and thrilling.

Jasper has worked for, amongst others: O'Neill, Coca-Cola, Renault, Protest, Red Bull, Nike, NRC Next and Discovery Channel, and photographed for: Sportweek, Nike, Esquire Magazine and Ode Magazine.

Showreel of Dutch Director Stephan Brenninkmeijer.

LuukMarschalk | 14 juli 2010
Music: Buckethead - King James

Animaties die ik dit jaar gemaakt heb. Vraag maar als je benieuwd bent naar iets.

'2PF Creative Engine' Basically the idea for the showreel was to create something that metaphorically represents the throbbing heart of 2PreForm. And that's where the 2PF disc player came to life: the Creative Engine of 2PreForm.

When the player is turned on and the disc starts playing; there's no stopping to the spreading of liberated synergy!

Chun See Daniel Lim / 2PreForm Work:

Showreel met fragmenten uit enkele korte films en documentaires: Suyderwoud, De Boom, Tijd Vliegt, Tauromaquia Sonoris.

Een kort overzicht van de het werk dat de Camjo's van CAMJOS.NL al gemaakt hebben.?Zoekt u een Camjo die voor u de regie, camera en montage oppakt? Ga naar en wij garanderen u binnen 24 uur een tv of internet item op de plank.

The Tames Media video and motiondesign showreel 2010 !

This is the showreel of Illustration agency and production house Shop Around in the Netherlands.

Click on "Watch in High Quality" Editing using Final Cut Pro and Motion. All footage is my own, editing is an example of using templates and effects in Apples FCP and Motion.

Our corporate showreel giving you a brief look into what we've been producing the past two years.

I have edited together four different projects that hopefully show my style as a director: raw, dreamlike, melancholic and turbulent.

My filmmaking experience as an art student during my education at 'Kunst Theater Media, School voor de kunsten' (Art Theatre Media, School for the Arts) in the city of Groningen, the Netherlands.

Showreel presentatie & interview van freelance presentatrice Sanne.

In deze showreel krijgt u een korte impressie van mijn rol als verslaggever 'in beeld' tijdens reportages die ik maakt voor Volkskrant TV.

NEW showreel from the Dutch filmproduction company ActiVe Pictures. More info at

b-creative Video Showreel b-creative Nederland. b-creative vlaardingen rijnmond rotterdam video film producties SI2K parbo bier bols cimcool d&bw digicel suriname avery dubbelfris C1000 Lentiz

Showreels vergelijken

Regisseurs, animators, cameramannen en productiehuizen. In media-land heb je een showreel om je te profileren, om te laten zien wat je kan, waar je goed in bent. Maar wat is nu een goede showreel, waar moet die aan voldoen?

Demo reels

demo reel, or show reel, is the motion picture or video equivalent of an artist's portfolio. It is typically used as a tool to promote the artist's skill, talent, and experience in a selected field, such as acting, directing, cinematography, editing, special effects, animation, or video games and other graphics. The demo reel is frequently submitted with a résumé to a prospective employer. When a reel contains scenes from actual productions, a shot list or credit list may also be submitted to describe the artist's specific involvement in each portion of the reel. While the usage of video excerpts on such showreels can be regarded as a breach of copyright, it is generally accepted in the film industry to do so, as it is the only tool of an artist to actually self-promote his/her work.


Hoe mooi sommige filmpjes ook zijn en verbazingwekkend goed gemaakt. Veel overeenkomsten vallen op:

± 3 minuten flitsend beeld ondersteund met een hip muziekje met enkele geluidseffecten vol 3D effecten. En als je er veel ziet dan worden ze saai en inwisselbaar.



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