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week 8 | vrijdag 23 februari 2024 12:27 uur | 4 bezoekers

Amsterdam Dance Event

Vernissage: Dance is More than Music; A Presentation of Dance Visuals @ SMCS & MonteVideo, Amsterdam

Thursday 27/10/05

Concept: Edwin Suer

Exhibition coordinator: Jim Cook

Dance is More Than Music; A Survey of Dance Visuals 1995-2005 is an initiative which is to take place during this years Amsterdam Dance Event 2005 (ADE), 26 thru 29 October and shall be presented  at the Stedelijk Museum Centraal Station from 28 October thru 2 November 2005.  It is initiated by the BelangenVereniging Dance (BVD); Conamus (organizer of the ADE); the Nationaal Pop Instituut (NPI).  It shall work alongside the Stedelijk Museum Centraal Station (SMCS) and Montevideo. Besides showing the popularity and the great diversity of dance music, this year’s events aim to show that the high-quality work of (graphic) designers, artists, stage designers and VJ’s are part and parcel of what occurs within the dance scene and have been making great contributions to the success of dance music and its [visual] content in general.  The survey at SMCS, takes a look at this imagery which helps shape the overall view of how dance music and its visuals are aimed and proliferated to the public via video (VJing), flyers & posters as the main source of inspiration.  We have selected the years 1995-2005 specifically, to correlate with the 10 year anniversary of the ADE, even though ‘dance’ in particular has been omnipresent if not relevant since the last two decades of the previous century.

Pictures by: Harvey and Antoine



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